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to the Ransack Website!

We are currently recruiting, Please give this page a quick read and follow the instructions below.

Our mission:
1) Provide a group of people the opportunity to experience high level content on a regular basis; in a way that limits confusion, improves teamwork and insures fairness.

2) Provide resources to help people level up alternative characters so they can fully enjoy the game by playing different classes and races. Resources include providing gear to get started, advice of where to go, and in some cases power leveling of alts by higher level characters.

3) Provide a group of people the means to succeed in parts one and two by organizing loot runs.

4) To have fun. Guild members should enjoy the company of other guild members and should problems arise, they agree to work them out with or without mediation by an officer.

Remember, a guild is only as good as YOU make it. Participate, help out and enjoy what your fellow ransackers have to offer!

If you wish to join the guild:

1) Create an account.
2) Fill out the application.
3) Create a post in the general forums, just to introduce yourself to all of the Ransack community.
4) Check your mailbox if you haven't heard any feedback on your application.
5) If you see any Ransack members in game that are at your character's level, mention you have an application in at the guild website. Try and get some quests/raids in with our guild members, so we can get some feedback on your playstyle, personality, etc. You may or may not be known to the guild.

We do look at every application of those who does apply. If you are serious about joining ransack, you should search out members and run with them. We will not be chasing you to run with us. If you cannot make an impression on some of the members/officers within 2 weeks of receiving your application, you will not be considered for an invite, and your application letter will be deleted. But you may reapply when you can commit to searching out and running with some members.

If you are already in the guild but not registered on the website, here are the steps you need to take:

1) Create an account.
2) Send a PM to Xallas stating who you are.(Account names don't always match up with in-game names).
3) Check back, your account will be upgraded to member status.
4) Add your characters to the roster.

If you were removed due to inactivity, please contact any member for an invite back into guild if you plan on returning to the game on a full time basis.
(Due to renown decay the roster has to be adjusted for active members only)


Reasons why you should visit the website:
1) Events are posted on the main page and allow you to sign up your characters for them. This is a first come - first served basis. If you are in game and not signed up for an event, you might not be able to participate in it.
2) Forums...a lot of interesting information is posted in the forums. From character builds, to helpful hints, to you name it...
3) Important announcements are made on the site that cannot be made in the limited MOTD space in game.
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